Days One and Two of the #100DayProject!


#100DayProject Check In!

Hello Jreamers!  This is a quick #100DayProject Check In!  In the previous post, I discussed that I am participating in the #100DayProject this year.  I am dedicated to drawing and practicing Manga for my 100 days.  I’ve wanted to learn Manga for some time now, so this is the perfect opportunity to do that. This is a quick check-in for the first two days to share my progress! You can also catch my progress over on Instagram searching the hashtag #100DayJreams!

Day One

To learn Manga I am currently working in The Manga Fashion Bible by Christopher Hart! I start from the beginning and simply draw the basic shape of the head and fill in a few small details like the eyes and ears.  This probably took me 15 to 20 minutes to draw and tomorrow I can move on to filling out the rest of the sketch!

Practicing Manga

Day One

Day Two

For day two I flesh out the sketch with all the little details, adding her hair and outfit!    This process took maybe 20 to 40 minutes or so to complete.  I think for the most part I will just stick to sketching and save the coloring for when I have some spare time.  So far so good when it comes to my #100DayJreams!  I am excited to see how I progress on this little journey!  Thanks for joining me!

Drawing Manga

Day Two

How is Your Project Going?

If any of you are participating please let me know how it is going and where I can find updates on your progress! Happy 98 more days to go!

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