The Second Ten Days: Gratitude Documented 2019!

The Second Ten Days

The Second Ten days of Gratitude Documented 2019 has really brought my creativity out and has been such fun. Switching my routine up has really been beneficial for me. And although I’ve found it challenging, it has definitely helped me to grow. So here are the next ten days in pictures!

11 and 12

Pages 11 and 12 features the themes Glory and Scripture. I was a little uncertain with this spread, but it came out WAY better than expected. It is now one of my favorites of the entire journal so far.
Days 11 & 12

13 and 14

Again I surprised myself with this layout. Featureing the themes of Mercy and Discipline, I pulled out a medium I rarely use and absolutely love the end result.
Gratitude Documented

15 and 16

Admittedly I struggled with this layout. I did keep it simple and overall I’m pleased with the turnout. These pages feature Home and Legacy which can go hand in hand.
Pages 15 & 16

17 and 18

Also keeping it simple here for Hope and Heritage with scrap paper and collaging elements.
Pages 17 & 18

19 & 20

These pages feature the themes of Forgiveness a New Song. I had a thought about it and they came together fairly quickly.
19  & 20

I have to thank Illustrated Faith for this annual series. It has really pushed me and drawn out creativity I didn’t know I had within me. My other posts about the Gratitude Documented 2019 series can be found here and here!

The First Ten Days: Gratitude Documented 2019

The First Ten Days

The first ten days of Gratitude Documented 2019 have been quite enjoyable.  The Gratitude Documented Series hosted by Illustrated Faith has given me a chance to change my routine, and get my creative juices flowing. Here are the first ten days of the series in pictures.

One and Two

One and Two of the first ten days feature the themes God Winks and Rainbows with their corresponding scriptures.

Days One & Two

Three and Four

Three and Four covers the themes of Meekness and Self-Control.
Meekness and Self Control

Five and Six

And I really enjoyed documenting five and six. It features the themes of Sanctification and Refuge. It reminds me that home and refuge can be found in feeling.

Gratitude Documented

Seven and Eight

With themes of Salvation and Testimony, these pages were a joy to put together.

Days Seven and Eight

Nine and Ten

And lastly for nine and ten featuring the themes Wonder and Discipleship!

Days Nine and Ten

To check out my preparation post for Gratitude Documented 2019, click here.

Gratitude Documented 2019: Cover and Inside Decoration

Gratitude Documented 2019 Introduction

To shake up my Gratitude Journaling routine, I am participating in Gratitude Documented 2019. This series is hosted annually by Illustrated Faith. Each year they generate a list of prompts. Participants follow along with the prompt list. But outside of that, there are no rules. If you want to follow along or participate yourself, find the prompt list here. And don’t feel anxious or intimidated. Make your own rules.

Cover and Inside Decoration

In preparation to participate in the Gratitude Documented challenge, I created a little journal. And to decorate the cover I find a gratitude image that I like and build a layered cluster around it. I also use a couple of stickers and it’s all done!

Gratitude Documented 2019

And on the inside, I merely pop in a resized picture of the prompt list and use a huge flower ephemera piece. I use my K&Company label maker to label my Gratitude Documented 2019 Journal and it’s all ready to use when November comes!

Gratitude Documented 2019


Journaling has been a great way for me to reconnect with myself and I hope that you will find it helpful for you too. For information on how to start journaling, follow the link here!