Movie Journaling: The Gentlemen!

Movie Journaling: The Gentlemen

Before the World Imploded

I’m doing some movie journaling of The Gentlemen! Now, this was actually the last film I saw in a movie theater, back on January 24, 2022, before the world imploded. I’ve been meaning to document The Gentlemen in my movie journal since I watched it the first time but kept putting it off. Well, two years later I’m finally getting to it! By now I’ve seen this movie ad nauseum and I just love it! I even saved my ticket and receipt to add in. Below is my process video creating this spread for The Gentlemen. I’m actually glad I waited so long because it came out perfect!

Movie Journaling Process Video

To go directly to the video click here. For more entertainment recommendations, check my posts here, here, and here!

TV/Movie Journal Entry: Apple+ Series, See!

TV/Movie Journal Entry

TV/Movie Journal Entry: See!

My latest TV/Movie Journal entry features the Apple+ show See! As I have expressed in this post, I absolutely this series. See stars Jason Mamoa, Alfre Woodard, and Syliva Hoeks and is about a dystopian future where the human race has lost its sense of sight. Until Baba Voss and his wife give birth to sighted twins, changing everything.

To hear more about my thoughts and see my process video for this journal entry, check out the video below!

Have you watched the show See? If so I’d love to hear your thoughts! Leave me a comment below!

The Last Ten Days: Gratitude Documented 2019!

The Last Ten Days

The last ten days of this series is done! I cannot believe I completed this project! I really enjoyed switching up my routine when it comes to my Gratitude Journaling. But it has also given me an appreciation for the way that I usually record and journal my Gratitude. This project has definitely pushed my creativity to another level and for that I am thankful!

21 and 22

Days 21 and 22 feature the themes Edify and Prayer. I absolutely love the collaging on these pages.
The Last Ten Days

Days 23 and 24

I was stumped with these pages so I did a bit of prep. Thankfully that kicked my ideas into high gear and I came out with this spread for Edify and Love.
The Last Ten Days

Days 25 and 26

For themes of Compassion and Generosity, all I thought was that I wanted to do a black and white spread. Very pleased with the end result!
Days 25 and 26

Days 27 and 28

Admittedly the struggle was real with these pages. Thankfully I managed to produce a spread I’m cool with.
Protection and Family

Days 29 & 30

The last two days! These pages, featuring the themes of Restoration and Friendship, were pretty simple but lovely.
Restoration and Friendship

Yay! Gratitude Documented 2019 is complete! I’m proud of myself for getting the whole project done and not falling behind. I absolutely enjoyed this project and most likely will be participating next year as well. Just in one short month I can track my growth and pushed the limits of my creativity. And for that, I will always be grateful. For my other posts on Gratitude Documented you can check my links here, here, and here. For more information about the project, in general, check out the Illustrated Faith website. Process Videos can be found on my Youtube Channel. Find the playlist here!

Gratitude Documented 2019: Cover and Inside Decoration

Gratitude Documented 2019 Introduction

To shake up my Gratitude Journaling routine, I am participating in Gratitude Documented 2019. This series is hosted annually by Illustrated Faith. Each year they generate a list of prompts. Participants follow along with the prompt list. But outside of that, there are no rules. If you want to follow along or participate yourself, find the prompt list here. And don’t feel anxious or intimidated. Make your own rules.

Cover and Inside Decoration

In preparation to participate in the Gratitude Documented challenge, I created a little journal. And to decorate the cover I find a gratitude image that I like and build a layered cluster around it. I also use a couple of stickers and it’s all done!

Gratitude Documented 2019

And on the inside, I merely pop in a resized picture of the prompt list and use a huge flower ephemera piece. I use my K&Company label maker to label my Gratitude Documented 2019 Journal and it’s all ready to use when November comes!

Gratitude Documented 2019


Journaling has been a great way for me to reconnect with myself and I hope that you will find it helpful for you too. For information on how to start journaling, follow the link here!

Tartan Cloth Commonplace Notebook!

Waverly Scotland Tartan Cloth Commonplace Notebook!

Tartan Commonplace Notebook
You guys! Last week when I was searching to get more historical information on Commonplace Books, I ran across a Tartan cloth pocket notebook on Amazon. I am obsessed and in love with the Outlander series. So much so that I definitely want to plan a trip to Scotland one day. I saw that they had different Tartan Cloth Notebook designs and just had to have THIS ONE! This cloth is the Isle of Skye design and I am in love with the purple!  I don’t know why I never considered that there were professionally crafted books made specifically for this purpose.

It arrived with a little card about the history of Tartans and the Isle of Skye. Also with a little booklet with information on what a commonplace notebook is. I will leave the scans of those below!


Check out my unpackaging video below!