Introduction to the #100DayProject!

Introduction to The #100DayProject!

So I am participating in the #100DayProject this year! I remember watching Gretchen from Let’s Get Inkie talk about and participate in this project last year and I was intrigued. I adored her personal project where she spent 100 days writing letters to her son.  When I saw her introduction video for this year’s #100DayProject, I knew this was my time to jump in and participate!

Learning Manga

I have mentioned in my YouTube videos how I am interested in learning Manga and how to draw it. I’ve bought several guidebooks on clearance and have yet to really sit down and work in them. So for my #100DaysProject, I am dedicating myself to drawing and practicing drawing Manga for at least 15-20 mins a day. I will periodically check in on my YouTube channel, Lilac Jream.  The bulk of my posts, however, will be on Instagram.  You can catch me over there and my #100DayProject posts will be under my personal hashtag #100DayJreams!

Join Me!

I would love to know if you all are participating or have in the past. If so, please let me know in the comments and be sure to leave your links!