Starting a Lyric Journal!

Starting a Lyric Journal!

I am starting a lyric journal.  Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of great music.  It has been a revelation discovering great music from artists I already love as well as revisiting a lot of music from my past.  I can say I’m not very much into the music of the present.  However, every now and again a new artist will come along with a gem that quickly becomes my new favorite.  Although a song with a good beat is great, I’ve always been more fascinated with words.  Words tell a much deeper story than a beat ever could.  Words can express so much like what one is going through, feeling, and best of all, words can be a salve and an inspiration to others.

Lyric Journal First Entry

It has only been recently that I’ve realized how much music means and has meant in my life.  I can listen to a particular song and call up a specific memory, even down to the smell smells. Whole albums remind me of specific periods of my life, bringing back fond memories or reminding of me of things I needed to work through or people I needed to forget.  Regardless, I’ve decided to start chronicling some of my favorite lyrics.  It will give me the chance to both practice my art or memory keeping and keep a log of some of my favorite lyrics by some of my favorite artists.  Below you can find the first two episodes of my lyric journaling.

I’d love to know who some of your favorite artists are and the lyrics that inspire or move you!  Below find my Lyric Journaling playlist and the first two episodes.

If you need some tips on how to start a journal in general, please see my previous article!