A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms! Game Of Thrones – S8E2

Favorite Moments from S8E2, A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms!

GOT Season 8!

OMG the A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms episode of Game of Thrones is so good and so full of meaningful moments for me, that I cannot limit myself to just five this week. We saw more reunions, plans for the future, and moments that were long overdue! I will list these moments in the order that they happened in the episode so as not to confuse myself or my readers.

Brienne defends Jamie

Brienne to the Rescue

I cannot tell you how significant this moment is. Simply for the fact that it means so much to Jamie. I love Jamie’s character arc. He began as the Kingslayer.  As a result of his interactions with Brienne, we understand why he’s made some of the decisions he’s made. I find it interesting that he was so in love and close with his sister, yet could never really express his true feelings or be vulnerable with her.

Jamie is totally different with Brienne. Upon killing the mad King Aerys, his honor and reputation were totally besmirched.  Jamie was hard-pressed to find anyone that trusted him or took him seriously. Brienne, on the other hand, is one of the most honorable characters of the show. She is loyal to a fault and determined to keep her oaths.  There is never any doubt about Brienne’s intentions or integrity. To have her step in and vouch for his honor and integrity was HUGE for Jamie.  He knows what an honorable person she is and to have her speak on behalf is a sort of validation for Jamie that he has changed and there just may be some redemption for him. I could feel his gratitude at that moment and it was heartwarming.

Fierce Girl Talk

What About the North?

But what About the North?

So far this season Sansa consistently rebuffs and undermines Dany. Dany asks to speak with her privately, hoping to bond over their mutual love for her brother. And while they begin to understand each other in the beginning, Sansa questions what is to happen to the North once they’ve defeated the Night King and Dany has taken her throne.

The people of the North have gone through so much over the years. They’ve marched south to fight the war of the five kings, only to later be fighting wars in and amongst themselves. The Northern people were burned, pillaged, ravaged and betrayed.  They are a proud people and are finally ruling themselves once again, and are unwilling to hand that rule over to another outsider. Dany does not receive the implications of Sansa’s questions well.

Missandei and Grey Worm

Hope for the Future

Out of all the couples on Game of Thrones, these two are by far the most adorable. I love their connection and dedication to each other. They are in a strange land amongst strange and cold people. Even with the Northerners suspicious and unwelcoming of outsiders, Missandei and Grey Worm’s treatment is akin to how ‘others’ are treated in the real world. Poor Missandei offers a simple hello and is shunned and shut out.

Grey Worm is loyal.  He will fight for Dany until she defeats her enemies and takes her throne, however, he would prefer to go someplace more welcoming. He and Missandei agree to go to The Isle of Narth, where she was born. Personally, it is a relief to see someone still holding onto dreams and making plans for the future. Everyone else’s outlook is really bleak.  These two give me hope that there actually can be some sort of happy ending.

I saw a GHOST! Nights Watch Reunion


Auuuugghhhh! I FINALLY saw Ghost! After a whole season and an episode without him, it was so wonderful to see Jon’s Direwolf posted up with his master in this episode. Thinking they were cutting him out again, I am happy to see he made it into the new season!  As is right, there he was along with Jon, Samwell, and Ed. It was a small reunion of the Nights Watch, and it was nice to see the surviving brothers standing together again.  And now their watch begins!

Got Giant’s Milk?

Giant's Milk Makes You Strong!

Look here, this was the most entertaining scene of the entire episode. Tormund Giantsbane proceeds to have a little bit of a pissing match with Jamie over the affections of Brienne. To impress her he offers up the most hilarious story of how he was nursed by a Giant for three weeks after killing her husband at the age of ten. He claims Giant’s milk is the reason he is so strong. When I tell you I cackled at his story and the looks on the faces of those who bore witness to it. Definitely one of my favorite scenes this episode.

Arya and Gendry

About Time

I’ve been waiting for this moment for some time. Arya, being the self-sufficient woman she is, has never ascribed to the whole happily ever after fairytale. But when Gendry came along her attraction to him was undeniable. Even at so young an age. These two connected in the very midst of madness and mayhem and found a way to survive together. I believe their eventual mating was inevitable, even if a bit awkward.  I like these two as a pair and it may fulfill what should have happened long ago.  The joining of House Stark and House Baratheon!

Ser Brienne!

Ser Brienne!

This moment was long overdue! I was damn near in tears at Brienne finally being knighted. There are very few characters in this series who have kept their words and stayed the course they were set upon from the beginning. Brienne, however, has done just that. From avenging Renly’s death to keeping her oath to Catelyn Stark, she has been a beacon of light, hope, and strength throughout this series. To finally see her getting the honor, respect, and acknowledgment she so greatly deserves makes me proud and happy. All day YES to Ser Brienne, a Knight of the Seven Kingdoms!

You Can’t Handle the Truth!

The Truth Will Out

The truth will out y’all! Cue the goosebumps, because again I had them the entire time this scene was happening. Dany finds Jon in the crypts. He stares intently at Lyanna Stark’s statue and Dany wonders how her brother Rhaegar, someone so highly regarded, could have kidnapped and raped her. Jon reveals that it didn’t happen that way at all. That they were in love and married, and Lyanna had a son. She knew that Robert would kill the child had he known, so she entrusted him to her brother to protect and raise as his bastard son. Jon is Aegon Targaryen, 6th of his name, and rightful heir to the iron throne.

Dany immediately realizes the implications of this. She understands that Jon has a strong claim to the throne and insists on knowing where he got his information. She is incredulous when she learns Sam and Bran put the events together. Dany and Jon are about delve deeper into this when the warning horn sounds three times. The Night King’s army has approached and is outside Winterfell’s gates. It ends with the following scene!

The Dead Arrives

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