Movie Recommendation: The Gentlemen

Movie Recommendation: The Gentlemen


I have a movie recommendation and I know I’m two years too late! In The Gentlemen, Michael Pearson, played by Matthew McConaughey, is an American expatriate who made his money by building a highly profitable marijuana empire in London. When word gets out that he’s looking to retire cash out of the business, it triggers an array of plots and schemes. He contends with attempts of bribery and blackmail from shady characters who want to steal his domain.

Quick Character Thoughts

I have to say there isn’t one character that I didn’t enjoy in this movie but among the best were Fletcher Monroe played by Hugh Grant, The Coach, played by Colin Farrell, and my absolute favorite, Raymond Smith, played by Charlie Hunnam.

Fletcher is the seediest weasel of them all but I can respect that he is upfront about his intentions. He plots to blackmail Mickey for a large sum of money in exchange for keeping silent about Mickey’s illegal activities. Much of the story is told through Fletcher’s narrating and he absolutely makes a production of it. Through Fletcher, we witness many of the little stories within the big story and it is a wild and entertaining ride.

The Coach is inadvertently pulled into the shenanigans in this movie, and the part he plays is beyond enjoyable. I love the Coach because he is purpose-driven. He willingly involves himself in the tussle of Mickey’s business in order to protect his crew, The Toddlers. Now the Toddlers are also caught up unbeknownst to them. But the Coach understands that despite their ignorance, there will be repercussions. Not wanting his boys to be hurt he dedicates himself to helping clean up the mess and I love how self-sacrificing he is for his crew. Though he has a soft spot for the Toddlers, Coach is not to be played with.

Raymond Smith is Mickey’s right-hand man and muscle. While Raymond seems to be invaluable in many ways he specializes in taking care of the more gritty, grimy, and dark aspects of Michael’s business. Raymond is this very buttoned-up, meticulous, and precise man. And he is always five steps ahead of those that seek to upend Mickey’s affairs. He is the cleanup man or the fixer if you will. Raymond is self-aware with little tolerance for schemers and addicts. Though he doesn’t particularly like getting in the mud with the shady characters that color his world, he does his job to the best of his abilities.

Honorable mention is Rosalind Pearson cause she’s just such a bad ass.

Overall Thoughts

The Gentlemen is Guy Ritchie’s triumphant return to the British Gangster Films he grew famous for and I love it! Ritchie has a very unique style of storytelling that I will never tire of. He feeds the audience the bits and pieces of smaller stories to then bring it all together into the bigger picture to leave the viewer with their mind blown. The Gentlemen was fun and had me captivated from start to finish. The characters were lively and engaging and the story is so crazy and unpredictable! This is a movie I wish I could watch again for the first time.

This movie recommendation is a phenomenal film! For other movie and tv recommendations go here, here, and here! Tell me if you’ve seen The Gentlemen and what you thought.