Netflix Show Recommendation: Dark!


Dark is a German Netflix drama that is centered around the disappearance of two boys in the small town of Windon. Suddenly events from the past begin to repeat themselves. Even the random disappearance of boys is eerily similar to what happened before. People from the past and a young group of teenagers are swept into the middle of these strange events and are compelled to find the answers. People liken this show to Stranger Things but besides being a fascinating show it is nothing like it. While the show is filmed in German, they do voiceover the dialogue with English. It kind of reminds me of the villain in the Power Rangers but much less pronounced.

Quick Character Thoughts:

This show boasts a whole host of characters but the three I was most drawn to were Jonas Kahnwald, and Mikkel and Ulrich Neilson. Jonas is a young teen who is grappling to understand his Father’s recent suicide. Mikkel Nielson is one of the young boys who mysteriously disappears. I was completely fascinated by his journey and shocked when it’s revealed what’s happened to him. Ulrich, is Mikkel’s father and a policeman. He is convinced that the nearby power plant has played a part in Mikkel’s disappearance. It is also worth noting that in the past, Ulrich’s little brother Mads was one of the boys to go missing. As Mads never returns home, Ulrich becomes a little unhinged in the search for his son.

Overall Thoughts:

There is so much more that I’d like to say about this series, but I’m afraid if I do I’d give away the main plot, and I would prefer you all be just as drawn into the story as I was. Following the myriad of characters as they slowly uncover mysteries was both intriguing and captivating. Especially since some of what was uncovered only lead to even more mysteries and questions. Both seasons one and two had me entranced. This show is only slated to run for three seasons and I am anxiously awaiting the finale. I would definitely recommend this show. Especially to people who are into mysteries. Excellent series!