Tartan Cloth Commonplace Notebook!

Waverly Scotland Tartan Cloth Commonplace Notebook!

Tartan Commonplace Notebook
You guys! Last week when I was searching to get more historical information on Commonplace Books, I ran across a Tartan cloth pocket notebook on Amazon. I am obsessed and in love with the Outlander series. So much so that I definitely want to plan a trip to Scotland one day. I saw that they had different Tartan Cloth Notebook designs and just had to have THIS ONE! This cloth is the Isle of Skye design and I am in love with the purple!  I don’t know why I never considered that there were professionally crafted books made specifically for this purpose.

It arrived with a little card about the history of Tartans and the Isle of Skye. Also with a little booklet with information on what a commonplace notebook is. I will leave the scans of those below!


Check out my unpackaging video below!