Five Binge-Worthy Netflix Shows!

Binge-Worthy Netflix Shows

With the world in its current state of self-isolating and social distancing, we have been trying to find ways to occupy our time.  Of course, many of us turn to entertainment.  So I’ve compiled a shortlist of binge-worthy Netflix shows to keep you entertained.

On My Block

Binge Worthy Show

On My Block follows a quartet of bright, street-savvy friends who are just beginning high school.   Experiencing all of the triumph, pain, and fresheness of a new school, life long friendships are tested.   Monse, Ruby, Jamal and Cesar confront the challenges of adolescence and life in their predominantly Hispanic and black neighborhood, based in South Central Los Angeles in this coming-of-age comedy series.

Quick Thoughts

I adore this show and have binged it so many times and will continue to. I love the family-like relationship and bonds between the four friends and I find it incredibly hilarious. The episodes are only 30 minutes so it’s a quick and entertaining show to get through. Season Three just dropped back in April and great news for fans of this show, there will be a season four!

Money Heist

Binge Worthy

A criminal mastermind who goes by “The Professor” has a plan to pull off the biggest heist in recorded history — to print billions of euros in the Royal Mint of Spain. To help him carry out the ambitious plan, he recruits eight people with certain abilities and who have nothing to lose. The group of thieves take hostages to aid in their negotiations with the authorities, who strategize to come up with a way to capture The Professor. As more time elapses, the robbers prepare for a showdown with the police.

Quick Thoughts

I have mentioned this binge-worthy show before.  This has to be one of the most brilliantly written shows I’ve encountered in some time. This is a high stakes game The Professor and his band of misfit thieves are trying to pull off and you feel every tense and frenzied moment. From stupid mistakes to amazing triumphs at the viewer will vacillate between wanting to scream at the characters to wanting to hug or hi-five them. The characters are three-dimensional and the plot is so compelling and engaging. The Fourth season just aired and with the way it ended, I forsee a season five on the horizon! So excited! I’ve binged this one several times as well.

Tiger King

A zoo owner spirals out of control amid a cast of eccentric characters in this true murder-for-hire story from the underworld of big cat breeding.

Quick Thoughts

Another binge-worthy show currently on Netflix is Tiger King.  This show is a train wreck of epic proportions. And just when you think that it cannot get any more ridiculous, the following episode ups the ante. It is equal parts hilarious and tragic and leaves me wondering how and why these people exist and how I never had a clue. This show is not for everybody but I was fascinated. It is so outrageous that I couldn’t look away. I binged the entire series in one sitting and still ponder over this foolishness today. The myriad of memes, articles, and stories that have followed have only served to keep this going. It’s definitely entertaining. It seemed to have been so popular that Netflix has released a new episode.


This drama series stars Jason Bateman as Marty Byrde, a financial planner who relocates his family from Chicago to a summer resort community in the Ozarks. With wife Wendy and their two kids in tow, Marty is on the move after a money-laundering scheme goes wrong, forcing him to pay off a substantial debt to a Mexican drug lord in order to keep his family safe. While the Byrdes’ fate hangs in the balance, the dire circumstances force the fractured family to reconnect.

Quick Thoughts

Jason Bateman as Marty Byrde and the ostentatious character, Ruth, makes this series for me. Though Marty has relocated his family to a resort town it can often look and seem gloomy which I guess is appropriate considering their situation. While Marty has the best of intentions of digging himself out of this hole he and his family find themselves in, events ensue that only seem to get them more and more entrenched in life. I appreciate that no matter how dire things seem, Marty seems to figure out a plan and keeps his cool in the midst of everyone melting down. Marty is constant and consistent and he is smart. I think because he is so unassuming people underestimate him, and it makes for an interesting cat and mouse game with the cartel. Season three was just released on Netflix and I imagine with the positive response there will be a follow-up season.

The Circle

“Big Brother” meets “Catfish” on this reality series on which not everything is as it seems. Comic Michelle Buteau hosts the show that features its contestants moving into the same apartment building. The twist is that the players never meet face-to-face during the competition, as each one lives in his or her own apartment. The contestants communicate exclusively through profiles created on a specially-designed social media app. This anonymity allows them to hide their true identities and portray themselves however they choose. Throughout the competition, the players rate one another, with the lowest-rated players put at risk of being eliminated, or blocked, from the game. The contestant who survives the contest and emerges the winner takes home the $100,000 grand prize.

Quick Thoughts

Lately, Netflix has been dipping their toes in the whole reality tv genre and I’m not mad. Included in my list of binge-worthy Netflix shows is The Circle, which premiered a few months ago and sees several contestants isolated in their own apartments and they can only communicate with each other through a social app called The Circle. Based on their interactions, each day they must rank each player from last to first and contestants who don’t make the cut are eliminated and soon replaced by a different player. But not all contestants are truly who they say they are. This show was a fun social experiment and very entertaining to watch. Not only are the interactions between the players interesting and oftentimes funny, but the host is hilarious! I truly hope they do another season of this show because I really enjoyed it. And in a time where we have to be isolated anyway, it’s the perfect time to watch this.

Wrap Up

Of course, there are so many more binge-worthy Netflix shows but these are ones I particularly enjoyed. For more suggestions check out links here, here, and here! I’ll be back with another binge-worthy post in the near future! I hope you all are consuming some great entertainment and are staying safe.

Apple Plus Show Recommendation: See!



In the show See future civilization has lost all ability to see. The mysterious wife of blind warrior Chief, Baba Voss, gives birth to twins. But a traitor amongst the clan gets word to the witch hunters about this mysterious woman and they come seeking her and her newly born children. With their home and way of life threatened, Baba Voss and his clan are led to safety following the instructions of the twins’ natural father. It is soon discovered that Baba Voss’s children can see. The decision is made to keep it secret from the rest of the village for the children’s safety and protection.

Quick Character Thoughts

There are a host of interesting characters throughout this series, but my favorites are Baba Voss, Paris, and Haniwa. Baba Voss is the Chieftan of the Alkenny tribe and tasked with the safety and protection of his clan. At first glance, you understand Baba Voss to be a great warrior and leader. But Baba Voss has a mysterious and violent past of his own and discovering who he is and what he came from was enlightening. To see and understand the contrast between his present life as a family man and his past was a beautiful addition to the storyline of the show.

Paris, played by the illustrious Alfre Woodard, is an elder in the Alkenny Tribe. She becomes an unofficial teacher and caretaker for the twins, Kofun and Haniwa. While Baba Voss and their mother have reservations about their ability to see, Paris understands what a gift it is. She encourages them to do, experience, and learn all the things that the rest have been denied because of their blindness. I love that Paris is unwilling to hold the twins back in their abilities. She knows that their ability to see is a game-changer for all of civilization.

Lastly, in the show See, I loved the character of Haniwa. Of the pair, she is the more adventurous and bold twin. While her brother, Kofun, is generally cautious and a rule follower, Haniwa wants to live life by her own rules. She feels constricted and stifled in her current situation and longs to open up her world and explore. I admire her courage and fearless spirit to discover the unknown. Haniwa can be hot-headed and impulsive, but she is brave and smart, and I am looking forward to seeing the growth in her character as this series continues.

Overall Thoughts

The show See had me all in from the first moment. I really enjoyed Jason Mamoa in this role and the overall story. He really picks his roles well. He knows what he’s good at, and I appreciate that. See is an adventure and a journey of self-discovery for many of the pivotal characters. It also showcases how humans can make a way in this world despite not having all the senses. We tend to discount people who may not have all of the same abilities as us. This show speaks to how people without all of the five senses aren’t necessarily at a disadvantage, and sometimes it can become their greatest gift in survival.

I absolutely loved this show and am awaiting season two! Bravo! For more show recommendations you can click the following links here and here! Please let me know what you thought of this show in the comments!

Shantaram Book to TV Series!

Shantaram Book to Series

Shantaram Book to TV Series:

I am so excited about the new television series coming to Apple TV based on the book Shantaram! If you are a subscriber to my YouTube channel you know that I am a fan of the actor Charlie Hunnam. I binged Sons of Anarchy back in 2016 for the first time. Soon after King Arthur: Legend of the Sword was released and I’ve been fascinated ever since. So I am over the moon to find out that Charlie Hunnam would be returning to the small screen in the Shantaram Book to TV Series project.

Now I’ve never heard of Shantaram before despite it being a memoir of sorts and best selling novel in 39 languages and 42 territories. So in true Jade fashion, I’m reading the book before the series begins. Despite being a fan of Charlie Hunnam, I’m always of the mind that the book is better. About 99% of the time this turns out to be true with the rarest of exceptions in my humble opinion.

Shantaram tells the story of a man named Lin who is on the run from the Australian Prison System. He finds sanctuary on the streets of Bombay but cut off from everything he’s ever known.

Book Synopsis:

So begins this epic, mesmerizing first novel by Gregory David Roberts. Set in the underworld of contemporary Bombay. Shantaram is narrated by Lin, an escaped convict with a false passport. He flees maximum security prison in Australia for the teeming streets of a city where he can disappear.

Accompanied by his guide and faithful friend, Prabaker, the two enter Bombay’s hidden society of beggars and gangsters, prostitutes and holy men, soldiers and actors, and Indians and exiles from other countries. All who seek, in this remarkable place, what they cannot find elsewhere.

As a hunted man without a home, family, or identity, Lin searches for love and meaning. He runs a clinic in one of the city’s poorest slums and serves his apprenticeship in the dark arts of the Bombay mafia. The search leads him to war, prison torture, murder, and a series of enigmatic and bloody betrayals. The keys to unlock the mysteries and intrigues that bind Lin are held by two people. The first is Khader Khan: mafia godfather, criminal-philosopher-saint, and mentor to Lin in the underworld of the Golden City. The second is Karla: elusive, dangerous, and beautiful, whose passions are driven by secrets that torment her and yet give her a terrible power.

The Story Continues

There is a sequel to this book called The Mountain Shadow which was published in 2015. So it’s possible this Book to TV Series will run for a little while if it is well received. So I’m going to get to reading and you all be on the lookout. The Shantaram Book to TV Series is scheduled to drop on Nov 1 on Apple TV! Join me in tuning in!  In the meantime, check out what I have recently been listening to, watching and reading!

Currently Watching, Reading, Listening!

Currently Watching, Reading, Listening!

What’s going on Jreamers? I came here to share with you all what I am currently watching, reading, and listening to for the summer! This summer has been great for entertainment all around.  At least for me and I am ecstatic to share with you what has my attention and why! So let’s jump right in and get started!

Currently Watching

Currently Watching


In my currently watching, reading, listening list, Euphoria is at the top. I actually just finished this series up and I thought it was PHENOMENAL! Zendaya plays 17 year Rue. She is a struggling recovering drug addict who is fresh out of rehab after an overdose. She immediately begins using again and then meets Jules who she is completely enamored with. Though Rue is the central character, we are introduced to a whole host of characters who struggle with their own issues. The events and absolute shenanigans that go on in this show make me wonder what kind of normal ass High School I went to. I mean people had struggles, but I do not remember this level of conflict and strife.

The story is completely entrancing and immediately draws you into these people’s lives. Overall I really enjoyed this show. It is NOT for everyone, but I personally thought it was great and am anxiously awaiting the second season. Also, they just need to go on and run Zendaya her Emmy for her role as Rue. She SLAYED it!

Currently Watching


This show is a little newer and I just started it. So far there have only been three episodes but I was all in shortly into episode one. Pennyworth follows a young Alfred Pennyworth, most famously known and the mysterious butler of Bruce Wayne aka Batman. Alfred has recently been released from the Army and starts up a security firm. Though he keeps falling into security jobs that aren’t necessarily ideal, he is quite skilled in his new profession. I just love how unassuming and clever this character is and am looking forward to the rest of the series. If you’re into a bit of mystery and some kickassery I’d suggest giving this one a go.

Currently Reading

Currently Reading

I Will Teach You to be Rich

After falling into a few videos on YouTube about people’s books that helped to change their lives I decided to grab this one. I Will Teach You to be Rich by Ramit Sethi was suggested multiple times and one YouTuber I watched even interviewed the author of the book. It is not a get rich quick kind of book. But the author lays out a six-week plan to give you the foundation to get your financial life in order. He doesn’t believe in cutting costs for the things you love but instead gives advice on how to make your money and credit cards work for you instead of against you.

The Six Week Plan:

For Week One: Optimize your credit cards, learn exactly what to say to get overdraft fees waived, and rack up rewards. And Week Two: Set up no-fee, high-interest bank accounts that won’t gouge you. On to Week Three: Open a Roth IRA or a 401(k). Then on Week Four: Learn how to save hundreds of dollars a month and still have enough to buy what you love. For Week Five: Automate your accounts so they work together. And finally Week Six: See how investing is the single most important way to get rich-and create a portfolio of your own.

I’ve just begun this book but I’m looking forward to employing some of the advice to put me in a better financial position now as well as for my future!

The Law and the Promise

I am a huge fan of the wisdom of Neville Goddard and I am constantly re-reading his works. His books and lectures help me to keep my mind focused. I particularly love The Law and the Promise because it’s a book full of stories of how ordinary everyday people put the law into practice and got exactly what they imagined. If you are unfamiliar with Neville and his work, he is an old school mystic who gained notoriety in the 50s and 60s for teaching people how to use their imagination to make their dreams come true.

Know that we are always creating every second of our day. Neville teaches us to consciously create the things we want rather than worry about a problem and create it instead of what we truly want.

“Worry is a misuse of the imagination.” – Dan Zadra

It’s all about the connection between our thoughts and feelings. I have put the law into practice with great results and am astounded every time. So I go back to this book often for guidance and inspiration because I am determined to step into the life I want.

Currently Listening

Currently Listening

No.6 Collaborations Album by Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran’s No. 6 Collaborations Album is the collaboration album I never knew I needed! Ed does it again and I am in love with his music and this album. He has a very eclectic mix of artists featured on this new CD and there isn’t one track that I do not like. However, I absolutely have my favorites. I think I feel a lot like Ed as he expresses his feelings of isolation and social awkwardness in tracks like Beautiful People with Khalid

“Surrounded but still alone…”

and I Don’t Care with Justin Beiber.

“Don’t think I fit in at this party…”

And I swear Antisocial with Travis Scott was written about me. I had to be the muse for that track considering these lyrics,

“I’ve been lost out inner space…” because this is me all day long.

Besides the tracks I can relate to there is just some beautiful music on this album. Best Part of Me featuring Yebba is so simple and sweet and Cross Me with Chance the Rapper is so upbeat and fun. The lyrics in that one had me cracking up. I could go on and on about this cd, but I’ll end it by saying my absolute favorite track on the album is Put it all on Me Featuring Ella Mai. What an incredible song. The honesty and vulnerability of the lyrics just touch my soul. I absolutely feel these lyrics,

“I try to be strong, but I got demons so can I lean on you I need a strong heart and a soft touch, and ya the one when I want love.”

Just all damn year YES! I will be playing this album for years to come. This is not just a summer jam!

Summertime Entertainment

So that’s what I’ve been currently watching, reading, and listening to.  I can’t be the only one enchanted with entertainment this summer so tell me all the things you all have been enjoying this summer! You can also check out the video here. Hope everyone is having a great summer and loving and engaging in all forms of entertainment!

For another book recommendation you can check out this post, and this one if you’re looking for another show recommendation!

The Bells Game of Thrones – S8E5

Significant Moments from The Bells, Game of Thrones – S8E5

Shocked Tyrion in The Bells episode

Le Sigh. I can’t even say that I had too many favorite moments from The Bells episode of Game of Thrones. So I’m just going to go with significant moments that happened in the episode so let’s jump right in and get started.

The Bells toll for Varys

Varys dies for telling the truth

At the beginning of the bells episode, Varys writes letters that reveal the truth of Jon’s lineage. Varys feels the realm may have a better choice for a ruler and wants to inform the people. He chats with one of his little birds who is concerned for their safety. Unbeknownst to Varys, Tyrion is basically snitching to Dany about their knowledge. The Unsullied take Varys and he must die for his ‘betrayal’. Tyrion admits that he was the one to turn him in and Varys bids him farewell and is consumed by dragon fire. I’ve liked Varys’ character very much because he stayed true to his purpose from the very beginning. All he ever wanted was to serve the realm and give them the most peaceful and competent leader.

Between Brothers

The Bells Jamie and Tyrion say Goodbye

Dany informs Tyrion that his brother has been captured by her forces for trying to get past their lines. She also warns him that if he disappoints her again it will be the last time. Tyrion finds his way into Jamie’s holding tent and they have a little brotherly chat. Tyrion is thankful to Jamie for always treating him like his brother and not a monster like everyone else. He frees his brother with the knowledge that he will die but possibly save many if his brother can get to the bells and ring them indicating the surrender of Kings Landing.

This goodbye is a little heartbreaking. I love Tyrion and say what you want about Jamie, but he was always a good and loyal brother to Tyrion.

What Iron Fleet?

The Useless Iron Fleet
We begin the war with Dany blowing through on her Dragon Drogon and completely decimating the Iron Fleet. Whereas the last episode Euron miraculously hits and kills Rhaegal with three very accurate shots, suddenly, no one can even get a shot off before they are all set alight and the Iron Fleet is rendered useless in a matter of seconds. Dany then proceeds to burn every other scorpion, ensuring hers and Drogon’s safety.

The Bells Toll Madness

The Bells Toll Madness
The war is won. The Iron Fleet and the Golden Company didn’t last long and Cersei’s troops have surrendered. Jamie makes it to the bells and sets them to ringing. I honestly don’t know what at this moment made Dany snap, but she takes off on Drogon and proceeds to destroy Kings Landing and the people in it. Grey Worm, the Unsullied, and the Dothraki also rampage and kill off the surrendered soldiers and any innocents in their wake.

The Bells Destruction
While I get that they were leading up to the whole Mad Queen arc, they could have done a MUCH better job in showcasing this throughout the seasons so as this would not have been such a shocking event. The build-up to her madness was entirely too subtle, and her snap was too abrupt. It just doesn’t speak to the character we have grown to know and love. I want to say, I have no issues with her madness, I have issues with the execution of her madness.

Sandor and Arya

Arya and Sandor

The city is on fire and the red Keep is crumbling. While the Hound is intent on facing off with his brother, he warns Arya about the perils of revenge. He pleads with her not to become like him and to turn back and go home. Arya listens to Sandor, thanks him, and turns away from the one thing she has wanted since the beginning of season two. Killing Cersei has been on the top of Arya’s list since she witnessed her father beheaded in season one. EVERY night before sleep she recites her list of people she is going to kill. Cersei was always at the top of the list. So Arya turning away to go home just seems completely implausible to me.

Clegane Bowl

Clegane Bowl

Well, we’ve known this moment was coming since season one. Sandor, The Hound, Clegane faces off against his older brother Gregor, The Mountain, Clegane. After Gregor shoved his little brother’s face into a fire long ago for simply playing with his toy, Sandor has held a long and deep hatred for his brother. With the Red Keep falling around them, they finally face off. But because of the tampering, Qyburn has done to the Mountain, Sandor finds him much harder to kill than he expected. Finally, in a fit of finality and desperation, Sandor takes hold of Gregor and pitches them both headfirst into the raging fires below. Effectively facing and defeating both of his longtime fears in one fell swoop.

Death to the Twins

Rolls Eyes

This is the moment in the show I hated most. Cersei and Jamie find each other in the Red Keep and fall into each other’s arms. Jamie then leads her underground and hopefully out of the red keep. But they are trapped and Jamie holds and consoles her as they eventually meet their demise under a pile of rubble. After eight seasons of this vile woman getting away with her fuckery and shenanigans, I am completely and totally disappointed in her death scene. This scene also completely trashed Jamie’s whole redemption arc.

People are trying to say what poetry her death was. That she died under the building that she ruled from and thought would always keep her safe. How her death was unremarkable and that is the real coup de grace. I call absolute bullshit on that. I give zero damns about poetry in this case. Out of ALLLL the characters in this series, Cersei was one of the most despicable yet had one of the easiest deaths and I’m not here for it. And for those comparing Jamie holding her saying well the prophecy came true, she died with the valonqar’s arms around her, again I call bullshit! That particular prophecy states,

“When your tears have drowned you, the valonqar shall wrap his hands about your pale white throat and choke the life from you.”

There is nothing to be read into or interpreted in that prophecy or any of Cersei’s prophecy really. Her’s was straightforward and not metaphorical at all. So the valonqar, which is high valyrian, for little brother, did not do any of this. So let’s stop trying to make this a thing. That part of the prophecy did not occur in the least bit.

The Ashen Horse

The Ashen Horse

I looked, and behold, an ashen horse; and he who sat on it had the name Death, and Hades was following with him. Authority was given to them over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword and with famine and with pestilence and by the wild beasts of the earth. — Revelation 6:7-8 NASB.

I was texting with my friends and they asked what the significance of the white horse was. The first thought I had was the pale horse of death. I found this scripture that seems to be quite fitting for this scene considering Arya’s relationship with death. I think after witnessing that kind of destruction caused by the new Queen, Dany has most likely made it to the top of Arya’s list.

Overall Thoughts

I’ve been giving this show the benefit of the doubt because I love it so much. But there are so many things going on in this episode that I cannot reconcile myself with at all. I feel like the characters have completely been changed from who they have grown to be and the complete 180 in many of them have me so annoyed and baffled. I’m going to just leave it at that before I start ranting. Let me know what you all thought of this week’s Game of Thrones episode The Bells!

If you’d like to read my recaps of the previous episodes find them here, here, here, and here! To watch my recap videos, you can find the playlist here!