Book Recs

For now I will share with you all my favorite series of books that I revisit frequently.  They never get old, and I find that with each re-reading I find or learn something that I didn’t catch before!

A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin

  • A Game of Thrones
  • A Clash of Kings
  • A Storm of Swords
  • A Feast for Crows
  • A Dance with Dragons

The Black Dagger Brotherhood Series by J.R. Ward

  • Dark Lover
  • Lover Eternal
  • Lover Awakened
  • Lover Unbound
  • Lover Unshrined
  • Lover Avenged
  • Lover Mine
  • Lover Unleashed
  • Lover Reborn
  • Lover at Last
  • The King
  • The Shadows
  • The Beast
  • The Chosen
  • Lover Revealed

The Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling

  • Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
  • Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
  • Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
  • Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
  • Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

The Outlander Series

  • Outlander
  • Dragonfly in Amber
  • Voyager
  • Drums of Autumn
  • The Fiery Cross
  • A Breath of Snow and Ashes
  • An Echo in the Bone
  • Written in My Own Heart’s Blood