Netflix Show Recommendation: The Umbrella Academy!

A New Take on Heroes


I recently binged the new show on Netflix, The Umbrella Academy.  Later I found out that it was a line of comic books but had no previous knowledge of this before watching the show.  I was all in from the very first episode.  Seven adopted kids with special powers are raised together in the household of a strict disciplinarian.  They are constantly trained and tested to use their powers and be a team to fight crime.  Unfortunately one of them is determined to have no powers and grows up in this family feeling alone and isolated.  Another disappears as a child, never to be seen again, and another passes away as a child.  Bitter about their experiences at home they all drift off in different directions as adults and are only brought back together upon the death of their father.  Mayhem and shenanigans ensue.

Quick Character Thoughts:

For me the standout character in this series is Klaus.  A junkie, drug addict, Klaus is a complete disaster.  He is also a sensitive soul who never learned how to properly cope with his gift.   This is a result of his unbending father who threw him into traumatic situations with no regard to his sensitivity or age.  Klaus is a very intricate, nuanced, and colorful character who immediately draws you in and captures your attention.  While the rest of the characters have their lovable qualities, Klaus quickly became my favorite.  I do however think the actor playing Number Five was excellent.  He managed the juxtaposition of young and old expertly.

Additional characters I loved were the assassins, one of which was played by Mary J. Blige.  It seems Mary is finding a comfortable new career as an actress lately and doing a damn good job.  She was both fierce and hilarious as an assassin and makes me look forward to seeing her in future projects.

Overall Thoughts:

I was completely delighted by this quirky show.  It is a completely new take on the concept of superheroes (at least for me).  Every single character had something to offer, which made this show fun to watch.  Of course, it ends on a bit of a cliff hanger so I am definitely hoping for and looking forward to a season two of The Umbrella Academy.